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This memorial book is a historical description of the Jewish Community in Tasnad (Transylvania, Hungary) before the destruction in the Holocaust. The book describes the Jewish life in Tasnad and the surroundings. A large portion of the book is dedicated to theYeshiva of the Maharam Brisk, from its beginning to its destruction. (276 pages, Jerusalem, 1973)

טאשנד הקהילה וישיבת מהר"ם בריסק

Yeshiva of the Maharam Brisk

A historical description of this Yeshiva of 400 students in the small town of Tasnad. The book describes the Rabbis, the "talmidim" and their methods of teaching. (136 pages, Jerusalem, 1973)

ישיבת מהר"ם בריסק

Hungarian Yeshivas from Grandeur to Holocaust (2 volumes)

This book systematically covers most Yeshivos of Slovakia, Hungary, Transylvania, Carpatho-Ukraine, Marmorosh and Burgenland. Each chapter starts with a brief description of the Jewish community which hosted the Yeshiva and continues with a detailed description of the Yeshivas, the Rabbis. Special attention is given to the teaching method in each of the Yeshivas. The first volume covers all major Yeshivas in Hungary and the surroundings. The second volume covers most of the remaining smaller Yeshivas in this region.( 606 pages, Jerusalem 1978 and 457 pages, Jerusalem, 1987)

ישיבות הונגריה בגדולתן ובחורבנן

(2 כרכים)

The Satmar Rebbe: Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum

This book provides the historical background to understand the life of the Satmar Rebbe. Starting with a description of the Teitelbaum dynasty, the book takes the the reader to Siget to follow the work of the young Rebbe. The reader follows the
Rebbe, as he is nominated the Rabbi in Satmar, the holocaust and to post World War II life in the United States. (240 pages, Jerusalem and New York, 1980)

האדמו"ר מסאטמר

The Holocaust in Rabbinic Sources (Responsa and Sermons)

This book catalogues many Halachic questions that arose during the difficult days of the era period. It is an inspiring book that shows the multiple ways many individuals sanctified g-d's name in their efforts to keep halacha, despite the difficulty and danger involved. (403 pages, Jerusalem, 1995)

השואה במקורות רבניים שו"ת ודרשות

The Unheeded Cry

A description of the life and holocaust rescue efforts of Rabbi Weissmandl.   Click here to purchase the book


קראתי ואין עונה –

זעקתו של רחמ"ד וייסמנדל בתקופת השואה