Dr. Abraham Fuchs

About the author:

Dr. Abraham Fuchs was born and raised in the township of Tasnad in Transylvania. He studied at the renowned yeshiva of Rabbi Mordechai Brisk. After World War II he completed his general high school education in Bergen Belsen (D.P.) in Germany. In 1949 he settled in Israel and completed his B.A. and M.A. degrees in European and Jewish history; while on an educational mission to the U.S.A., he was awarded his doctorate in Medieval Jewish history.

Dr. Fuchs dedicated his life to holocaust research. He interviewed thousands of people in an effort to document and preserve for the next generations the Jewish life of Pre-World War II Europe. Dr. Fuchs started out his work with the modest task of writing a memorial book for his home town, Tasnad. In the book Hungarian Yeshivos from Grandeur to Holocaust, he expanded this work to cover all of Hungary, Slovakia and the surrounding areas. In his latest book, The holocaust in Rabbinic Sources, he further expanded his research work to cover all of Europe. For his book Hungarian Yeshivos, Dr. Fuchs was awarded a special literary award, the Nordau prize. Click here for a complete description of Dr. Fuchs' other books.

While working on Hungarian Yeshovos, the amazing story of Rabbi Weissmandl stood out in the chapter on the Nitra Yeshiva. In The Unheeded Cry, Dr. Fuchs expanded on that brief description and unfolds this unusual rescue effort of an Orthodox Rabbi which included bribery and covert operations.

After its initial publication in Hebrew, Karati V’ein Oneh , 1983, this book aroused wide interest in the Jewish community. It received multiple positive reviews in the press and prompted many journalists to write extensive articles on the subject which Dr. Fuchs raises. The creation of this web page is the direct result of the interest that this topic arises.