Rabbi Chaim Michael Dov


Ztz"l (of blessed memory)

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Was it Possible to Reduce the Magnitude of the Holocaust?
Did you know that the Germans offered to release Jews from the camps for just $2 a person? more...


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In his heart-breaking testimony written in Min Ha'meitzar, Rabbi Weissmandl describes the efforts that he and the Bratislava (Slovakia) working -group made in negotiating a deal with the German SS to reduce the murder of Jews during World War II.  This negotiation which was later named the Europa Plan, called for the payment of $2M for 1,000,000 Jews.  Eventually the negotiation collapsed because the bribe money was not available.   Click HERE to read further details.   Click here to READ the first chapter of The Unheeded Cry or to Purchase it.   Click here for a partial list of other books related to this topic. 

new_red.gif (2146 bytes)  Coming Soon:  The full text of    "In the Lion's Mouth : Gisi Fleischmann and the Jewish Fight for Survivalby Joan Campion

new_red.gif (2146 bytes)  A chapter from:  "Crossing the Border" by Uri Davis, about the Natan Schwalb's (Dror) law suit against Uri Davis, David Wolton and Ithica Press. 

Coming Soon:   A translation of The Unheeded Cry  into French.

Service Announcement:  "A Woman of Bratislava".   A one act play about Gisi Fleischmann, by Joan Campion and Randall Forte.  For information  about obtaining a copy please contact Joan Campion, 18 W. 4th Street, Bethlehem, PA 18015.

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